The new platform was designed to provide maximum accessibility. Digital accessibility contributes to inclusion, equality and social cohesion. Digital accessibility is a company project that involves every stakeholder across the whole digital creation chain. The basic principles of digital accessibility and providing as many people as possible with access to information are fundamental.

What is digital accessibility?

A website is accessible if it enables all Internet users to easily access its content, even if they have a disability or use assistive technology or hardware with limited functionalities.
The following is possible on accessible websites:
• Browsing with assistive technology like text-to-speech software or a Braille console, which is mainly used by blind or visually impaired users;
• Customizing the display as needed, which may include large type and color modification;
• Browsing only with the keyboard or a tactile screen with access to all the website’s functionalities;
• Etc.

Keyboard browsing:

The user can move from one link to another by pressing the Tab key until the desired link is selected, then confirming with the Enter key.


All recent browsers let you change the zoom level on web pages. The zoom level can be controlled with a mouse or a keyboard shortcut.
• Ctrl + scroll on the mouse or Ctrl + to increase the font size
• Ctrl - to decrease the size
• Ctrl + 0 to reset to the default size

Adjusting text size:

Users can enlarge the size of text.
For example, in Firefox:
• View > Zoom > Zoom Text Only
In Internet Explorer:
• View > Text size > Choose the size

Browsing systems

Quick access links

The top links on a page are redirect links. They give you quick access to the page’s main zones like content and the search bar. These links are useful for users who are browsing with a keyboard or assistive technology.
The Givenchy logo

After following redirect links, the logo brings users back to the website’s homepage.
Search engine

The search engine searches the manuals by default. You can opt to search all the website’s content.

Rule, version and URL

WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

WCAG compliance certificate obtained a compliance certificate on 4/20/2017.
The ultimate goal is to work towards being compliant with the WCAG on the day of the compliance audit and to achieve level AA.
An action plan has been established to accomplish this by:
• Raising awareness and training the design and development teams
• Maximizing oversight and corrective maintenance
• Supporting editors and contributors

Technologies used on the site
• JavaScript (jquery 2.1.1)

Assistive tools and technologies used to check content accessibility
• IE 11
• Firefox V.43
• Chrome V.48
• JAWS V.17 screen reader
• NVDA 2015.4 screen reader
• RGAA 2016 Tanaguru V.4.1 automated testing

Samples of website pages
• Home Page:
• Contact us:
• FAQs:
• My account:
• Product list:
• Product:
• Sign-up form:

Test results
A website audit conducted by Oceane Consulting showed a 40% compatibility level.

Continuous improvement plan

There are still some issues to fix when leaving the site. These accessibility-related issues have been noted.
They will gradually and continuously be taken into account depending on the patches we apply.
− Add redirect links (fixed on 5/4/2017)
− Write text for each icon that is not clear
− Provide enough contrast between the text and the background or use a contrasted alternative
− Give a specific name for each link and button
− Make hotspots big enough with enough space between them
− Provide a title and/or summary for all video and audio content
− Provide a way to access a written transcription for each video and audio content
− Optimize methods for controlling play and sound volume for video and audio content
− Optimize slideshow controls
− Find a way to display subtitles
− Find a way to enable audio description
− Add input assistance for fields in forms
− See whether all the images need an alternative entered
− Add titles to the input field groups
− Make sure we comply with the W3C standard
− Optimize page formats
− Make sure highlighting is visible on all the page’s interactive elements
− Optimize the browser menu to be keyboard-compatible
− Optimize the dropdown systems used on several pages
− Optimize the edit buttons for addresses in the account
− Optimize text size controls
− Add product lists in list format

Errors, oversights, comments
We are committed to making this website accessible to all Internet users, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities, equipment or location.
Nevertheless, external links developed by third parties may be less accessible.
If you find an accessibility-related error or oversight on the website, please inform us by email at this address: