When will I receive my NFT?

You will be able to claim your NFT 7 days after you purchased the physical item. After 7 days, you will receive an email with claim instructions on how to redeem and receive your NFT. That email will provide you with a secret code (one-time password) and a link driving you to your wallet (if you do not have a wallet, see below How to set up a wallet) to receive your NFT. Once your information is verified, the command to transfer the NFT to your wallet will be sent to the blockchain. It takes no more than 5 minutes and there is no cost associated with the redemption process!

Please note that you will receive your NFT redeem e-mail from Givenchy via ConsenSys NFT, from the following e-mail address:

In which countries are the BSTROY Givenchy NFTs available?

France, USA, Italy, Germany (E-com only), Netherlands (E-com only), Spain (E-com only)

Why should I claim my Givenchy NFT?

Fashion items have long been important cultural artifacts. At Givenchy, we believe both culture and fashion have entered a new age in which digital expression is gaining more and more relevance. New technologies like NFTs enable new ways to enshrine digital culture with true exclusivity, unconstrained by the limitations of making physical garments. For this collection, we collaborated with Felt Zine’s community of innovators to create unique digital collectibles. When you claim your Givenchy NFT, you get a scarce, digital piece of artwork, curated by Matthew M Williams, based on the physical BSTROY x Givenchy. piece you purchased. Each artwork enhances the piece with digital effects and enhancements. As the owner of a unique digital artwork, you can keep it in your collection to showcase it online or trade it with other collectors.

How can I claim my Givenchy NFT?

To claim the digital twin NFT to your piece, you need to set up a “wallet” for the Ethereum blockchain. This might sound complicated, but it’s quite simple. The same way a physical wallet keeps your cash and cards safe, an Ethereum wallet stores digital assets like NFTs securely. But a digital wallet is a (free) piece of software.

How do I set up a wallet?

The most common wallet provider is called Metamask and exists as a browser plugin and mobile app. Metamask does a good job of walking you through the setup. Once you’re done with this, the most important thing is to never share the secret recovery phrase it generates for you with anyone.
Getting started with MetaMask.

What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a web browser extension and mobile app that allows you to manage your Ethereum private keys. By doing so, it serves as a wallet for Ether and other tokens, and allows you to interact with decentralized applications, or dapps. Unlike some wallets, MetaMask keeps no information on you: not your email address, not your password, and not your Secret Recovery Phrase or other private keys. You retain all power over your crypto-identity.

I have successfully claimed the NFT but can't see it in MetaMask. Where is it?

The MetaMask browser extension currently does not support viewing NFT natively in the UI. However, you should be able to see it in the MetaMask mobile app.
1. Open the MetaMask mobile app, make sure you are viewing the account the NFT was sent to.
2. Select NFTs, then Import NFTs
3. Input the Token Address and Token Id as suggested.
You should also be able to see it when connecting your wallet in your favorite marketplaces such as OpenSea or LooksRare. Be sure to check under the 'Hidden' tab too.
If you still cannot find it, please reach out to support.

I have MetaMask installed on mobile but unable to connect to it.

The best way to claim the NFT on mobile is to use the MetaMask mobile in-app browser. Copy and paste the link we sent you in the claim email and open it in the MetaMask in-app browser. You should be able to continue the process.

I have connected MetaMask but want to switch account/network. How can I do that?

Simply tap on the browser extension icon or make the switch in the MetaMask mobile app. Our app would automatically detect that.

I have claimed the NFT with one address and want to transfer to another?

You will have to initiate a transfer through the blockchain. Kindly refer to this official guide for sending and receiving NFTs through MetaMask.

How do I keep my NFTs safe?

As we begin to collect more NFTs that we love, it is important to ensure they are protected. Any cryptocurrency, including an NFT, is stored on the blockchain.
“Owning” a crypto asset really means controlling the private key that points to that specific asset on the blockchain. This is how the record knows and displays which wallets own which NFTs or currencies. If someone gains access to your wallet they can steal your assets, and the transaction is irreversible.

How to interact with NFTs, OpenSea, and other marketplaces including Rarible?

MetaMask is capable of holding, sending, and minting NFTs. There are some minor differences between MetaMask Mobile and Extension when interacting with NFTs. On MetaMask Mobile, you can see your NFTs in-app, while on the extension you cannot see them natively. You can use 3rd party websites to view those NFTs, such as Etherscan, Opensea, or Rarible.
The NFT space if evolving rapidly, so we recommend using community forums and support articles from trusted 3rd party sites.

What is an NFT?

In the same way cryptocurrencies reinvented money, NFTs are reinventing…. Pretty much every other item we interact with (and even creating new ones!).
Crypto tokens like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) and fiat currencies like the dollar and euro are fungible tokens. You can have one ETH and exchange it for any other ETH, or you can exchange a 100 dollar bill with any other 100 dollar bill.
On the contrary, non-fungible tokens or NFTs are crypto tokens that represent information of unique or rare digital and real-world assets. This information stored in each NFT makes them non-interchangeable on a 1:1 basis. An NFT cannot even be divided into smaller parts like other crypto assets or fiat currencies.
NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are unique or rare digital assets. They can represent anything from a digital work of art to an avatar skin, they can be a proxy for a physical object or grant you a piece of ownership to your favorite song.
We’ll shoot straight with you, NFTs would probably feel 100% less confusing if they weren’t called Non Fungible Tokens. Consider them to be unique digital objects that you can own, welcome to the era of digital ownership.
After the success of the previously released Givenchy x Chito NFT collection, we want to share the potential of NFTs as digital collectibles

If you would like to learn more, see A beginner's guide to NFTs

Why are NFTs becoming popular?

NFT. Three letters that represent a world of possibility and excitement. With Jay Z, Gimes, Tony Hawk and Steph Curry joining in the crypto-meets-art market, there’s an undeniable air of cultural intrigue in the space. You might’ve heard of crypto punks, bored apes or beeple artworks selling for millions of dollars! Confused? Let us tell you why.
Well, there are a couple of factors at play. The number one, most obvious one, is how NFTs unlock such creative potential – like nothing we’ve seen before for creatives and creators online.
Unlike most crypto use cases, NFTs aren’t just finance driven. The use-cases are not only broad, ranging from anything from sports and gaming, to digital fashion, music and art. They’re a creative technological instrument that unlocks the potential for creatives and entrepreneurs to retain full agency and monetize their creations via a direct connection to their audience. No more third-parties..
But the bigger, most exciting thing behind NFT adoption – and why this is so fundamentally important for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole – is linked to culture. The more we spend time online, the more our digital identities become as important as our physical ones. And this is where NFTs come into play; they're the Web3 vehicle for self expression and social currency.
You can think about it like this: NFTs are the arty brother of cryptocurrency, and the more people get to know the blockchain family, the more they get to see, experience, and enjoy the opportunities available.

Need any assistance? We’re here to help.

If you have technical issues with claiming your NFT, please reach out to Consensys Support.