Purpose of collection and use of personal data

  • to manage your orders
  • to manage your profile
  • to manage your online requests pertaining to the GIVENCHY company
  • to manage our website (givenchy.com, hereinafter “Website”) and our digital apps
  • to manage your orders and take all required measure in relation to your online transaction, especially to prevent fraud and payment defaults

Personal data items to be collected and used

  • Your name and contact information (in particular e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address, social media ID)
  • Your gender, age or age range and /or birthdate
  • Your purchases (online or in a store) and Your repair services
  • Your size and Your style preferences
  • The pages You visit on givenchy.com
  • The GIVENCHY events You participate in
  • Your requests to Our customer service department or Our public relations department

Personal data retention and use periods

  • If you are a customer (i.e. you have purchased a GIVENCHY product): For a period not to exceed five years from your initial purchase. This period is renewed each time you interact with GIVENCHY (i.e. you make another purchase)
  • If you are a potential customer (i.e. you have never purchased a GIVENCHY product but you are interested in the GIVENCHY brand): Three years from when your data are collected. This period is renewed each time you interact with GIVENCHY (i.e. you participate in an event)
  • You have the right to refuse the collection and use of personal data. However, such refusal may limit the use of the Website, such as creation of profile, making online purchases or receiving other GIVENCHY services.