The processing, privacy and security of your personal data is extremely important to us. We make every effort to provide you personalized services in a way that honors your wishes and privacy. The purpose of this policy on privacy and personal data protection (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) is to give you straightforward, clear and comprehensive information on how the data you provide to us is used, including the data we may acquire about you through various channels (store, customer service department, givenchy.com, social media, apps, and events), whether it is shared with third parties, and the rights and options available to you for controlling your personal data and protecting your privacy.


This Privacy Policy outlines how GIVENCHY S.A., a French business corporation headquartered at 3, avenue George V 75008 Paris, France, and/or its affiliates including without limitation LVMH Fashion Group Japan K.K., Givenchy Japan (hereinafter “GIVENCHY”) uses personal data that pertains to you (“You” or “Your”) in its capacity as data processor to provide You the best customer experience possible. You may obtain the name and address of the local GIVENCHY processing company (“We,” “Us” or “Our”) that collects, stores, processes, uses and shares Your personal data when You use the GIVENCHY websites and mobile apps or when You visit Our social media pages or when You go to one of Our stores in Your country.


“Personal data” designates any information that identifies You, either directly (i.e. by your name) or indirectly (i.e. by using a customer number). In order to provide Us your personal data, You must be over the age of twenty (20). The personal data that We collect directly from You may include information pertaining to:
  • - Your name and contact information
  • - Your areas of interest
  • - Your purchases (online or in a store) and Your repair services
  • - Your size and Your style preferences
  • - The pages You visit on givenchy.com
  • - The GIVENCHY events You participate in
  • - Your requests to Our customer service department or Our public relations department

In the event you apply for a job at GIVENCHY, We may collect the following information: Your name and Your contact details, Your resume and Your motivation letter. The personal data that GIVENCHY requires is indicated as such on the various pages that contain forms for collecting personal data. If You do not complete these required fields, GIVENCHY will most likely not reply to Your requests and/or provide you the products and services requested. The other information is optional and enables Us to know You better and improve the messages and services We send You.


As part of Our interactions, we may be required to gather some data through the following points of contact:
  • - Interactions with Our in-store advisors
  • - Page clicks on givenchy.com
  • - Contacts with customer service
  • - GIVENCHY events that You participate in
  • - Interactions with Our public relations department
  • - Forms that You fill out (online or in a store)
  • - Apps that You use
  • - GIVENCHY social media pages that You visit and/or comment on or like
  • - Ads in search engines that You click on
  • - If You wish, You may contact Our sales advisors and speak with them on an instant messaging app such as LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat or a similar program. Our sales advisors will be happy to answer Your questions on this platform. However, We would like to remind you that GIVENCHY cannot guarantee Your data or other information shared on these programs will remain confidential and secure since it is out of GIVENCHY's control and it waives all liability.

Such data or information may be sent to locations outside the European Economic Area and Japan. Therefore, We recommend that You familiarize yourself with how these apps are used and their respective policies on personal data protection.


As part of our interactions and depending on the context in which your data are collected, We are required to use your data to:
  • - Manage Your orders
  • - Manage personalized content and GIVENCHY messages (online or otherwise)
  • - Manage Your profile
  • - Manage Your online requests pertaining to the GIVENCHY
  • - Manage events that You register for or participate in
  • - Manage Your job application
  • - Manage Our website and Our digital apps
  • - Improve Our products and services

When it relates to Your job application, We use Your data to manage and track Your application. We retain a history of transactions and other sales documents in order to meet legal and governmental requirements as well as for the purposes of our insurers and audits. Depending on the manner in which your data are collected, the legal grounds for processing them may be:
  • - Your consent (i.e. to manage Our personalized marketing offers or through cookies to manage your online browsing session)
  • - Execute a contract (i.e. process and track your orders, manage access to Your customer account)
  • - A legal obligation if the data processing is required by law (i.e. retaining sales invoices)
  • - Our legitimate interests, such as improving Our products and services, preventing fraud, securing Our tools or personalizing Our marketing materials.


We solely retain your personal data for the time required to achieve the current objective, to satisfy Your needs or to meet Our legal obligations. In general, Your personal data are only retained in Our database for a period that is reasonably necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined above or for the retention period permitted by law.


Your data are intended for the GIVENCHY departments that handle Your requests. We ensure that Your personal data are only accessible to people who are duly authorized and when needed for the purposes cited above. We do not share Your data with third parties for marketing purposes. When necessary, and whenever possible in a format that does not identify you directly, we may share Your information with:  
  • Other GIVENCHY establishments in order to provide You the same personalized service worldwide.
  • Our trusted third-party service providers, including other entities in the LVMH Group in their capacity as subcontractor acting on Our directives and solely on Our behalf. For example, We entrust some services to third parties that deliver a product to You, service providers with payment and secure transaction platforms with fraud prevention, vendors that help Us coordinate Our events, suppliers of IT services, web marketing and public relations agencies, and vendors that assist Us with customer service;
  • Third parties in the event of a change in management for legal reasons or with Your prior consent.

For example, We entrust some services to third parties that deliver a product to You, service providers with payment and secure transaction platforms with fraud prevention, vendors that help Us coordinate Our events, suppliers of IT services, web marketing and public relations agencies, and vendors that assist Us with customer service.

We may also likely provide You the option of using your social media login information. In this case, be aware that You are sharing your profile information with Us. We would like to inform you that these social networks operate under their own privacy policies.


GIVENCHY has implemented the proper technical and organizational measures to ensure that Your personal data are kept confidential and secure in the event they are ever lost, destroyed, corrupted, accessed or unlawfully disclosed. GIVENCHY's computer systems are protected by physical and digital means that meet the highest industry standards. In compliance with current Japanese law, French law, and European regulations on personal data protection, procedures are in place to physically and electronically safeguard the data collected on the website. GIVENCHY's service providers and contractors are bound by written agreements to implement adequate security measures to protect Your personal data in accordance with the relevant regulations. Your data may be accessed, transferred or stored outside the European Union and Japan, and made accessible to employees who work for Us or for one of Our trusted service providers (i.e. a store other than Your primary store may access your purchase history). We do so securely in compliance with the applicable law and make every effort to ensure that third parties honor the commitment stated in this Privacy Policy. Due to their position, GIVENCHY employees with access to Your personal data are bound by confidentiality obligations. The financial institution designated by GIVENCHY stores all of the financial information You provide on the website on its secure site. Transactions completed on the website are protected by SSL encryption.


Below is a summary of the rights to which You are entitled under APPI.

Right to disclosure

You have the right under APPI to be disclosed the personal data that GIVENCHY possesses about You with the payment of an administrative fee of 624 yen per request in writing.

Right to rectification

You have the right under APPI to rectify Your personal data if it is inaccurate or outdated and/or to complete any missing data.

Right to suspension or erasure

You have the right under APPI to suspend the use or erase or delete your data; provided that GIVENCHY is in violation of Article 16 (restriction due to purposes) of APPI or acquired in violation of Article 17(proper acquisition of personal data) of APPI.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or GIVENCHY's personal data protection practices or if you would like to exercise one of the aforementioned rights, please email us at: mydata@givenchy.com.


GIVENCHY is inclined to update this Privacy Policy based on legal and regulatory circumstances and to keep You informed of any changes in our practices on processing Your personal data. GIVENCHY advises You to check this section or click on the Privacy Policy link on the bottom of the website's homepage or in the Legal Notice section so that You are always aware of the most recent version of the Privacy Policy when You interact with GIVENCHY.