As a leading luxury brand, Givenchy addresses the issue of counterfeiting every day.

When a customer purchases a Givenchy product, they expect excellence of craftmanship and quality that lasts. Conversely, counterfeit replicas are most often made of inferior materials, with a demonstrable lack of know-how and artisanship, resulting in a product that does not stand the test of time.

Counterfeit products infringe on our designers’ creativity and misappropriate the expertise of our craftspeople. The sole guarantee of quality and product durability lies in purchasing genuine Givenchy products.

At Givenchy, we take the issue of counterfeiting extremely seriously. We constantly monitor and report purveyors of counterfeit wherever they are found, online and off.

Authentic Givenchy products are sold exclusively in Givenchy stores, through our official website, and via a selective network of approved retailers.